Senior citizens!Police help through Hotlines

Senior citizens of Idukki, the superintendent of police assures you all the help, especially to those who are living alone. to hotline facility going to launch soon, will connect the residence of such senior citizens who are living alone or with others to the police stations which comes in their area.

Thr most important feature of this facility is that concerned police station gets alert with 15 seconds once the receiver is lifted from the instrument base. Superintendent fo police realize the need for such facility which would help those senior citizens who live in fear. there are many people who are living alone in fear in many places of Idukki districts. The bits of help is not only when crimes that may be committed on them but also like seeking medical help, seeking moral support and similar. needs.

To avail, this facility person has to have a landline connection of BSNL, which can also be used to make voice calls. Mobile connectivity too is made available through an app installed, press-T, which soon alerts the concerned police station where the person lives within that police limits.. These facilities have come into effect in areas like Pala, Thodupuzha, Kattappana, in Kerala, a number of crimes on senior citizens have come down in these places. 

It is the need of every citizen in this country.

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