Self Defense by women - Kerala Police.

self defence for woman



Kerala government has further established a “self-defense training” for women and young girls throughout the state in the backdrop of series of assaults on women happening in the state. As a confidence-building measure, the ongoing programme is now intently strengthened by creating the needed hope in the women of Kerala.The Police Department has permanent training centers in the 19 Police Districts, and a state level center in Thiruvananthapuram. Financial assistance of Rs.3 lakhs for each programme is sanctioned by the government.

 Women are facing umpteen number of problems like sexual harassment at a public place, at workplace all over the world, when though they have equal rights and opportunities like men. They are victimized by violence and sexual abuse on them, increasing crimes in the society by multifold.  The woman-are-weak thought by a woman and by man is a major factor that encourages men to commit crimes. This training would help to equip them physically and mentally to react to the harassment and other crimes like sexual attack, molestation in the closed spaces such as lifts, trains etc., chain snatching, acid attack, domestic violence.

According to the  Police officials, as a part of the defence training, defense techniques are simple and easy when compared to the traditional methods of defense like Kalari, karate. The training is designed for women of all ages, and the syllabus of 40-60 hrs of training could be studied within a short term.

The training primarily guides, how to confront a dangerous situation and then concentrate on the psychological techniques to improve confidence level and to transform from a victim by nature to a smart woman.  The Self Defence Programme also focuses, awareness on legal aspects of crimes against women and facilities of police to ensure the safety of women. It provides an awareness of aspects of women empowerment. Apart from this project, a training and awareness programme also held at schools, colleges, residents association, Anganwadis, and kudumbasree organizations etc..

The Kerala government has sanctioned Rs.1 crore for this project. The Kerala Police also have other wings like “Pink Police” for enhancing the safety for women and children in the public places,  “Nirbhaya Project” to prevent atrocities against women and children on a three-point agenda, Prevention, Prosecution, and Protection. Around 600 female police officers across the state have been trained to conduct the training. The aim of this project is to empower the women through comprehensive awareness and practical training. More than 3.8 lakh women were trained in last two years throughout the state. The Programme now became very popular among all the sections of women in Kerala and an inspiration for the whole country.



Mar 162019
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Jun 172019
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