SCO may be a vehicle to better Indo- Pak ties"

China and Russia proposal of Eight-nation  Shanghai  Cooperation Organisation (SCO) could be a peace platform to resolve India -Pakistan differences.

 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the enlarged SCO by including of India and Pakistan could provide a  to resolve the fresh opportunity to come on a platform to discuss the unresolved issues between New Delhi and Islamabad. 

 We understand that there are historical conflicts existing between Pakistan and India. But I think after their joining the SCO, maybe we can provide a better platform and opportunities to strengthen relations between Pakistan and India.

He added  "I feel the SCO  serve a great vehicle for bettering the two nation's relations. As a result, it will better safeguard the peace and stability of the region although their relations have seen their ups and downs".

 In a separate interview with CGTN, Russian President Vladimir  Putin hoped that the SCO  forum can provide India and Pakistan an opportunity to resolve their differences in a "multilateral format", He was optimistic that "all countries of the region will use  this platform for in-depth work in a multilateral format and resolve their differences".

The responses of India and Pakistan are yet to be heard. However, Pakistan may use this opportunity to bring Kashmir issue on this platform which has overshadowed all other factors like trade, sports, cultural exchange etc.,


Mar 162019
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