"Save water ,save rivers"-Kottayam to lead the path for future

Come May 12th, thousands of people in and around Kottayam will march to the roots of polluting source of the rivers Meenachil, Meenanthara and Kodoor in Kottayam, which has caused serious damage to the purity of water in these rivers.

As a pilot project, the survey is being taken up to find the source of pollution in these three rivers in Kottayam district, clean the rivers through people’s movement and involvement, as per the coordinator Anil Kumar,in charge of the project.The experience will be analyzed for a statewide implementation of cleaning the dying rivers.

The aim is to clean one water body in each panchayat on May 12th.The key pollutants sources are Municipal drainages, where people dump waste both solid and liquid into the rivers, quantity of waste generated by commercial centers in the town is big enough which finds a way into the river.

Findings from the survey on the 12th May a report will be submitted to the local bodies on May 18th.On wetting the report ,it will be handed over to the health department to find solutions before coming monsoon.

Meenachil-Meenanthara-Kodoor river restoration movement has regenerated several riverlets of the riverine system which in turn has helped to cultivate paddy lands which were discontinued because of pollution in the water body.

It is a movement, a wakeup call to the people of the state, people of the country to be a responsible generation in handling over safe water bodies for the next generation to live-both water bodies and human beings.


Mar 162019
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Sep 172019
തൃശൂർ വീഥികളിൽ   കാടുകൾ വിട്ടിറങ്ങിയ പുലികൾ രൗദ്രതാളമാടീ ... നഗരം പ്രൗഢോജ്വലമായ മഹാസമുദ്രത്തിൽ നീരാടീ .... പല വർണ്ണ പുലികൾ വയസ്സൻ പുലി കുട്ടി പുലി കരിം പുലി