A Salute To Our Martyred Veer Jawans!

Black clouds gathered on a fine winter day.

Burst out the lava planted in a sealed tempest.

It's purely the brain-wire to execute their desire.


Laughed on the lives that withered in blood.

It was the blackest day,

Those replaced roses with bullets.

Excruciating tears flooded the chest of martyrs.

They lay breathless in the coffin in pieces.

Perhaps, watching from the above,

Their loved one’s being shattered into pieces.


For the countless reasons and seasons

Our Jawans serves the nation.

Voluntarily chosen the path of dedication,

To defend our nation.

Today, they were brutally killed in an explosion,

Before they could conquer another day of life.


It was the ambush attack,

That bloodied our Jawans into ashes.

The breeze that was calm before it occurred.

Later it triggered fireballs in the hearts of many.

Nothing can stop its fury from spreading the whole.


Probably, will it be cooled by retaliation?

The irreparable loss of our beloved ones, for our nation!


May our Shaheed Jawans Rest In Peace!

We Salute You.

You will be always remembered.


Jai Hind!


Dedicated to our Jawans killed in Pulwama attack on 14th Feb 2019.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
Bobby McFerrin, an American Vocalist and composer famous for his extraordinary ability to imitate not only the sound of single instruments but also entire ensembles using only his voice.