Mock drill for security check at Sabarimala

Mock drills will be put in place to ensure the rescue mission in the event of an accident, said, Special Officer in Charge of Security, Sabarimala, Rahul R. Nair. Action to set up mock drills in Sabarimala to test the security measures will be taken in consultation with the Disaster Management Authority and the District Collector. He was speaking at a meeting to assess the security matters at Sabarimala.

The number of devotees coming through the virtual queue has increased over the previous year. If it is out of control, it will affect all emergency systems. It is therefore recommended that the virtual queue system should limit the number of people who can book a day. Steps will also be taken to curb those who illegally enter the Saranapatha. He also noted that the illegal smugglers will also be controlled in the Saranapatha. There will also be action against people who bring people on a dolly by taking unfair rates. It has been fixed that Rs 2,000 for one direction and Rs. 3,600 for the two sides. Rahul R Nair said that those who try to conceal this and fleece devotees will be prosecuted.

Offerings at Sabarimala can be paid digitally

 Ayyappa devotees have access to not only digital signage but also payment options and charity. Sweeping machines have been installed for this purpose. Swiping machines are available near Mahakanika, on the way to Malikappuram temple, in front of the festival office and on the way out of the Annadana Mandapam. This would help the devotees to pay quickly while avoiding the difficulty of holding the currency in their hands. The receipt will be received immediately. The debit/credit card display system has come into existence in the recent past. The system was done jointly by the Devaswom Board and South Indian Bank in the last pilgrimage season. It has also been decided to increase the number of counters in the rush hour.