Rs.10 lakh crore-high speed train corridors-Indian Railways

The second largest rail service in the world- Indian Railways have decided to invest Rs.10 lakh crores on high-speed train corridors connecting all the major cities in the country, covering the length and breadth in 10,000 kilometers.

The plan is in the final stages and it may be announced during the next fiscal year- 2018-2019," The plan would be announced in April 2018- we will provide all details including the routes, and funding system.The high light of the project is that there will be railway lines that would come up elevated atop the existing or upcoming railway lives and the national high ways which are running parallel to the existing railway lines, said the Indian Railway official.

The global Tenders would be invited to construct double lines on single pillars to save the cost of construction.It is not costing Rs.200 crores per kilometer which could come down to Rs.100 crores. Technology adoption is on in building lightweight aluminum coaches, specially designed for trains hauled by electrical engines. Borrowings from financial institutions and international companies will be on the profitability of revenues would also come in from the intelligent use of space commercially as metro rails have done.

Railway minister has given a challenge to the officials to make the project viable by speedy work, scale the heights by using all the skills, push for an early implementation of the gigantic project.


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