" Round-the-Clock"- Domestic flights from Thiruvananthapuram

Come July 10th,2018 the Thiruvananthapuram airport will be open to "night- domestic -flights", as at present there are "daytime " domestic flights playing within the country.

The AAI - Airport Authority of India has reworked the domestic flight schedule connecting even New Delhi - in the night and other cities in India from the domestic terminal here. This would help all those who wish to save the day in travel.

Thiruvananthapuram - New Delhi -Thiruvananthapuram - IndiGo will introduce its low-cost flights to Delhi and other places. The turning of 6E -359 Flight would be arriving from Delhi at 1.20 am and leave at 2.05 am to Delhi.

Soo, additional connectivities from Thiruvananthapuram would be possible by this September to other metro Cities and some small places, as IndiGo is will have three more aircraft for Thiruvananthapuram to by drafting their aircraft.

Facilities like five- self-check Counters, new x-ray machine, 150 addition CISF Staff shall help passengers to easier clearance. 

Thiruvananthapuram airport is a very important hub-hub to domestic and International passengers.




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