Rising tension in South Asia

The recent events that unfolded in Maldives gave an idea of the problems India will face, as China gains control of the neighbours. The Maldives depending on China over India at the time of crisis points to the lack of interest India has shown to them.The fight for power between India and China has never escalated so quickly before and the time has come for India to have a better relations with its neighbours like Pakistan,Nepal, Sri Lanka,China and others.

When the Modi government came to power, it tried to improve the relations dramatically with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and also considered Nepal as an important ally.India cooperated in joint drill with Afghanistan and solidified ties with them.

But at the end of  four years,the situation has changed to worse.New political developments are causing problems in Sri Lanka.The Maldives are now rooting for China over India..A new vocal critique of India has assumed power in Nepal.And the Chinese influence is growing around the borders to stop India from spreading its regional propaganda.

After Independence, the greatest force that India face near its vicinity is China.China’s higher military power and marketing sector has an upper hand against India and with China’s growing ties with our neighbouring countries, India can always be kept in check even if there was a war between India and China, the later might come victorious but both countries will take a huge blow in terms of growth and money.Both countries will try to make peace as hard as possible,but there would always be a pressure from China.

To solve these pressure and problems in relations, India should come up with more creative strategy and new terms of engagement with its neighbours. The best way is to keep the nations friendly which has a stake for each others success.



Mar 162019
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