Revolutionary movement in the state to ensure food security...

A workshop for journalists was held to educate the public on the services and food security laws being implemented in the state. Deputy Collector PR Radhika inaugurated the workshop organized by the Food Supply and Drainage Department in collaboration with the District Supply Office, Kasargod Press Club. They said that ration shops were an integral part of the daily life of people. She added that Kerala is one of the states that has fully implemented the Food Security Act and has successfully implemented the first-ever complex computerization program in the PDS. 

The District Supply Office Head Clerk P Sasikumar, presenting the workshop, said that the state has implemented comprehensive changes in the distribution of rations and food grains. The e-pose machine has been installed at 14,000 ration shops in the state as a permanent solution to the long-standing complaint that the ration share is going to the black market without the entitlement. If a beneficiary can only approach the proposed ration shop, a ration cardholder in the new situation can purchase rations from any ration shop in Kerala. 

The successful implementation of the public distribution system, universalism and widespread supply chain network is a powerful and transparent activity in the state. District Supply Officer VL Pradeep Kumar, Supply Office Senior Superintendent M Zulfikar and Supply Office Clerk VM Ratheesh spoke.