PSLV-C40/Cartosat- 2 series satellite mission launched

India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, on its forty-second flight (PSLV-C-40), will launch the 710 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for observation of earth and 30-co-passenger satellite together weighing about 613 kg at lift-off. PSLV-C-40  launched from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota, off 150 kilometers from Chennai.

The co-passenger satellite comprises one micro-satellite and one nano-satellite from India. 3 micro-satellite and 25-nanosatellite from six countries Canada, Finland, France, Republic of Korea, UK  and USA. 31 satellites on board PSLV-C-40 weigh roughly 1323 kilos.

The 28 International customers satellites are being launched as a part of the commercial arrangements with Antrix Corporation Limited(Antrix) a government of India company under Department of Space, the commercial arm of ISRO.

PSLV-C-40/Cartosat-2 series satellite mission was successfully launched today the 12th January 2018, as per the Press release from ISRO.

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