Proposal to oversee privatization process in Saudi Arabia

He directed the Anti-Corruption Commission and the General Court of Audit to oversee the ongoing privatization process in Saudi Arabia. King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a special order. The order is part of a crackdown on corruption and financial irregularities.

The process of privatization in the country will begin next year. The anti-corruption body NASA and the General Court of Audit GCA were instructed to do so. The National Center for Privatization has also given permission to the NCP to intervene when necessary.

With this, NASA and GCA will take over the direct supervision of the privatization project.The NCP has already drawn up a plan to privatize 17 sectors. These include health, environment, water, agriculture, municipalities, housing, energy, industry, mineral resources, public transport, domestic affairs, communication, education and the Hajj and Umrah.Meanwhile, anti-corruption measures led by NASA continue to be strong. The authority also conducted more than 10,000 inspections last month. NASA said more than 600 cases had been registered.