Power-tariff hike on cards-KSERC proposes

Shocks through the electric current to all the power consumers of Kerala is in the offing, the power tariff not for one year but for four years has been proposed, all in one stroke by the Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission (KSERC).

The proposal is to introduce “per unit thermal surcharge “ of 14 paise on every unit consumed, in addition, a hike of 4 paise per unit consumed. unusually, the proposal is of multi-year tariff where Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission has the rights determine the terms and the condition of the tariff, under Regulations act 2014.

The present production and consumption ratio is 30: 70.Installed capacity is 2886.51 MW, out of which 2107.91 is from the 23 Hydroelectric power projects, rest is from two Diesel power projects and one from the wind farm. The consumption is approximately 8000 MW.

Multi-year tariff regime is in place in many states.This is to the advantages of the consumer who can budget his consumption accordingly.

Public opinion is sought, can air their opinions across the state, serious debate shall bring consensus between the KSERC and the consumers.


Aug 102018
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Nov 272018
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