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Potato Vermicelli Cutlet ( Bird's nest)


       .    Potatoes  -500gms

            Vermicelli  -150gms

            Onions       - 2

            Ginger Garlic paste  -1 spoon

            Chilly powder - 1 spoon

            Garam masala - 1 spoon

            Pepper powder - 1 spoon

            Salt - 1 spoon

            Maida solution  -150ml

            Oil     - 500 ml

            Coriander leaves  -1 handful


            Cook potatoes in the cooker.

            Cut onions into small pieces.

            Crush vermicelli into small pieces with your hand.

            Mash potatoes with chilli powder, pepper powder, garam masala and salt.

           Saute this potatoes with finely chopped onion, ginger garlic paste and coriander leaves.

           Cool the potato masala.

            Make balls with this.

            Flat the balls, press them in the centre.

            Dip them in maida solution.

            Roll it over crushed vermicelli.

            Deep fry them in hot oil in low flame.

          Knead and then shape into small balls that resemble boiled bird's eggs.

         To garnish, place the fried nest on a plate, garnish with two small coriander leaves and then top with 2-3 paneer eggs..


Mar 72021
കൈകളിലെയും കാലുകളിലെയും കറുത്ത പാടുകള്‍ കാരണം നന്നായി ഒരു ഉടുപ്പ് ധരിക്കാന്‍ പോലും ബുദ്ധിമുട്ടുന്നവര്‍ അനവധിയാണ് .

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Apr 172021
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