Police to offer 24 hours security surveillance

The Kerala police has come up with a plan to offer 24 hours surveillance for business establishments,homes and ATMs,under the jurisdiction from central facility in the capital.State Police Chief Loknath Behera said that this scheme consists of remotely linking surveillance cameras,intrusion detection systems,movement sensors and fire alarms, which be installed across the state.The devices will be linked to Central Intrusion Monitoring system(CIMS) at the State Police Headquarters, here in the capital. Keltron,India’s largest electronics corporation,will implement this project.

If there is a break in ,the sensors will send distress signals to the CIMS.The police can analyse the situation from the police facility through audio and video images and respond in the required manner.Keltron is also integrating CIMS with Crime mapping System(CMS).

Banks,ATMs and government treasuries could make use of this system with nominal fee.Currency exchange centers,jeweller and electronic showrooms and other businesses could also make use of the facility.The system can give signals to the nearest police unit and also give the subscriber the real-time details of the police that are engaging on to the distress signal.

The system could be disarmed when they open for business and  remarm it after the work for that day is done.


Mar 162019
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