A Glow From Within!

Live the life in a beautiful way

Only one precious life we are gifted with.

Cure the wound before its too deep.

Let’s take control of our wings before its withered

To walk along the bridges we build.

Never stop building further and further

As the years grow fonder and deeper.


Take a deep dive into it,

Drink it till not your thirst is quenched.

Breathe it, mingle with its peaceful fragrance.

Sing and dance along when it thunders and rains

Shed the tears like flood and

Free it from all the clouds of pain mounted.

Let it be like the Earth washed with heavenly rains

To feel the coolness of breath from within.


Burn it, mould it, cool it, anchor it.

Till not it glows from within.

Till not it emancipate light from within!

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