Pleasure robots to become a reality.

The domination of technology in our lives is increasing by the day.More and more jobs and tasks that we did are being done by machines now a days.As we are transitioning from the industrial age to the age of automation, more and more jobs will be delegated to our robot counterparts. Jobs such as: They won’t only be taking over the more menial jobs that pollute human existence but also will become our companions.According to well known futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson opened up about the role that robots will take in our lives as early as 2025.He believes that humans sleeping with robots in place of humans will be commonplace by 2025.By 2030 relations between humans and robots will be as common as viewing adult films on the internet is now.

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Dec 222017
Shaji Pappan,a favourite cult icon,is back in the movie Aadu 2 ,which will hit the theaters ,the prequel entertained us with variety of characters and style was a major factor about them .This time