Pappanekkurichum Varkeyekkurichum Pa Va

Pa Va JayaChandran Official Song

Have to say hats off , wish I was able to see this movie in the theater , did get a chance to watch it online , Murali Gopi has performed to his best, Anoop was as good,  somehow one does not get a chance to get to read sincere movie reviews. We always want to watch some meaningful movies , it could be a fantasy but the theme has to have some sense , well this movie has all that.  I would say this movie has the standards of a Hollywood movie. So if you have 2 hours of your time , rent the DVD or rent it online. 

Pa Va (stylized as Pa..Va and also known as Pappanekkurichum Varkeyekkurichum) is a 2016 Indian Malayalam comedy drama film directed by Sooraj Tom in his directorial debut. It stars Murali Gopy andAnoop Menon in the lead roles as two octogenarian friends. It is procuded by Siyad Muhammed under his home production banner Safa Entertainment.A trailer was released on 10 June 2016. The film was released on 22 July 2016.

It focuses on existential aspects of life through two close octogenarian friends Pappen and Varkey. Pappen is an industrialist who shares his good moments with jackfruit loving, antique collector Varkey. Pappen shares his fear of dying to Varkey, but Varkey blends the concern with humor and encourages him. Soon after, Varkey dies from what he loves the most - A jackfruit falls over him. Varkey's death disturbs Pappen. Pappen sees Varkey in his dreams and continues to talk to him in daytime. His loving sisters and help Kunju takes care of him. Pappen feels his interment should be at his hometown with his family and friend Varkey. But his current church doesn't agree with it under the fear of losing a wealthy family and an economic source that could affect the church in this transition. Pappen has dreams and thoughts about a girl whom he and Varkey had pined over. Pappen under Varkey's spirit's interest goes on to find whom their love interest liked the most and finds out painfully she was interested in evangelism. Pappen visits Varkey's house to meet his wife and learns she is moving to America and Varkey's coveted antiques are considered as silly objects like used to dry clothes and such. The church committee and the priests do their best to block Pappen's move towards his hometown church. Meanwhile, Pappen falls sick and is in Comma. This motivates his family members to buy Pappen's ancestor's land in his hometown and a burial plot. The priest who is motivated by financial interests and fame is visited by Varkey's spirit for not allowing Pappen's request. The priest signs the permission letter and dies from the shock and is seen laughing in spirit form with Varkey pondering his absurdity while he lived. Pappen wakes up from his Comma and does what the priest wished to do for fame and dedicates it to the priest. Soon after Pappen dies and is met with Varkey in heaven they both plan to cross the barriers between them and their love interest in heaven using their wit and strength of friendship.

Murali Gopy as Devassy Pappen

Anoop Menon as Perianthanam Varkey

Prayaga Martin as Mary

Jose as Jose Achayan

Renji Panicker as Thampuran Johnny

Indrans as Kunju

Ashokan as Babychan

P Balachandran as Father Micheal Kallayi (Kallayi Achan)

Shammi Thilakan as Father Ittiparamban

Jagannatha Varma as Bishop

Sunil Sukhada as Brother Paili

Edavela Babu as Brother Paul

KPAC Lalitha as Annamma

Ranjini as Lillykutty

Muthumani as Kunjumol

Vanitha Krishnachandran as Elamma

Kaviyoor Ponnamma as Agnes/Sister amma

Ponnamma Babu as Theyyamma

Bhagyalakshmi as Filomena/Filo

Jomon as Edwin

Sethulakshmi as Ammini

Eloor George as Konnayi Kapiyar

Arya as Sister Emily

Ramu as Dr.Mathew

Santhosh as Thommi

Chali Pala as Francis

Shiju as George

Arun Sidharth as Young pappen

Akash Pathmakumar as Young varkey

Aparna as Mary's friend

Pauli Valsan as Pulimoottil housemaid

Alexander Prashanth as Gregory

Cherthala Lalitha as Mother Superior

Kozhikode Sharada as Thresia

Nazeer Sankranthi as Jr. Priest

Ajay as Josutty

Anish as MLA

Kalabhavan Rahman as Subinspector

PK Unnikrishnan as Beeranikka

Purushan Kottayam as Jose

Kottayam Manju as Jose' wife Kunjumol

Music: Anand Madhusoodanan, Lyrics: Santhosh Varma, Suku Damodar, Rafeeq Ahammed, Harinarayanan

Podimeesha - P. Jayachandran

Vinnil Theliyum - Vijay Yesudas, Aparna Balamurali

Innu Njan Pokum - Murali Gopy

Pavakku Bhoomiyil - Sithara Krishnakumar

Kalyanam Kalyanam - Minmini, P. K. Nithin

De Ithennatha - Swarna Vinayan




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