Padmavathi uruf Padmavat - film won't be released in Rajastan

No matter what you name  Padmavathi as Padmavat, the film will not be released in Rajasthan, says Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister. It is scheduled for release on 25th of January 2018.

The extreme  stand taken by Rajastanis against the depiction of Rani Padmini has hurt our people's sentiments. "the sacrifice made by Rani Padmini is a matter of pride for the state , she is not just a chapter of history for us, Rani Padmini is our self-respect and we will not let it hurt in any way , adds Raje.

Giriraj Singh,  the leader of the  Rajput community made it clear that the film cannot be released in Rajasthan for the distortions it is projecting hurts our feelings.We will not let the film be released in the country.If they try, we will burn the theaters.The situation is getting more and more complex as the day of release is approaching.

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