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Teaching your boys to respect women

One of the most important values you can teach your child is how to respect women. Children learn by observing those around them. Here are a few parenting tips on how to teach your boys to respect women.

Be positive.
Have a zero tolerance attitude towards sexist language of your kids. Your child will learn from your behaviour. Compliment your child and the women in your life. Do not embarrass or insult women around you.

Weight training for kids.Bear this in mind.

    Weight training is an integral part of any fitness regimen.But it is important that one is not rushed into it a very early age.Research shows that weight training can be started as early as age 7 or 8.But the child should be mature enough to follow directions and practice proper technique and form.
If your child expresses an interest in strength training, remind him or her that strength training is meant to increase muscle strength and endurance. Bulking up is something else entirely — and most safely done after adolescence.

Anxious children could be helped with these statements

   Anxiety has no age,contrary to popular belief. It happens to every child in one form or another: anxiety.Navigating anxiety is an essential life skill that will serve them in the years to come. What parents need to know is how to calm an anxious child when it happens.In the heat of the moment, these simple phrases to help your children identify, accept, and work through their anxious moments:

1. "I love you. You're safe."

Five simple smart snacks for your kids.

Once your little ones start going to school, the never ending nightmare of packed lunches begin. You have to focus on the taste, the variety, the cool factor, and the way it is presented in the lunchbox, that too within whatever little time you have left before rushing to work or to your other chores. Here are 5 lunch options that could save your life.

1. Noodles


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