Only ISI mark- Helmets in India soon

Road accidents are on the increase, one, number of new vehicles coming on to the already crowded lanes, two, over speeding without following the traffic rules, third, 50 percent of the two-wheeler accidents are fatal due to non-ISI -Helmets which does not stand the impact while head-on-collision.

Most of the two-wheeler accidents have resulted in the fatal end, one due to the bare head without a helmet. Even with a helmet of substandard, the accident could be fatal. The central government is nulling on only ISI marked helmets, all non-ISI helmets from the market.This may be implemented by the end of this year.

ISI Helmet manufactures association(ISIHMA) has welcomed the central government decision. The present helmets of non-ISI standard marked are available for Rs.300 to 400 which cannot sustain the stress on it in case of an accident, hence the accident even a minor one becomes fatal.

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