Nuclear deal-stays in full,if it stays says Iran

Call given by US and France for a new pact covering Tehran’s missile programme,got a strong rebuilt from Hassan Rouhani,the Iranian President said “stays in full,if it stays”.”We have an agreement called JCPOA” continued,if it has any intentions to curb the freedom of Iran.The air of suspicion has to be cleared, as the deal os 2015,has curbed Iran’s nuclear programme.

French President Emmanuel and US President Donald Trump proposed a new deal with tougher restrictions on Iran,while Trump called the existing accord as insane and ridiculous,despite the EEC requesting not to walk away, rather than not to impose fresh restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile programme.

Mr Macron requested US not to abandon the nuclear agreement until all remaining US and European broader international accord is reached, which will cover all US and European concerns.

Reacting to ,Iranian President said “You,Mr Trump have no experience in politics nor in law nor in international accords.Ridiculously continued “ A tradesman, a businessman, a high rise builder, how can you judge about global issues.”

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