What's new in Kerala with The State Council of Educational Research and Training

The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) is an autonomous academic body functioning under the umbrella of the Department of General Education of the Government of Kerala. SCERT is concerned with the academic aspects of school education including formulation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teachers' handbooks and teacher training. It advises the Government on policy matters relating to school education. 

In Allapuzha , The entire schooling in the primary section will be revamped integrating the curriculum with art,dance, music and theatre. Rajendra Kumar Khajuria, research officer, SCERT Jammu and Kashmir, who trained resource persons in Kerala, told ‘Express that the attendance of schools was 50 to 60 percent and after the introduction of the system in 2014, the attendance increased by 20 per cent. Vijayakumar, a resourceperson from Kerala, said the new method should open a fresh path.


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