National anthem in Dangal, viewers left confused whether to stand up or not.

Aamir Khan's Dangal is a stupendous success.The film has ample patriotic moments which is particularly relevant in our times,when the Supreme Court has made it compulsory that the National Anthem should be played at all cinema theatres before the beginning of the movie to instil “a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism” in citizens”.Not many could anticipate another situation that could put viewers in a fix – what if the movie you’re watching plays the National Anthem as part of the plot. Do you stand or sing along? Do you keep sitting.Turns out, the citizens of India didn’t have to wait too long before being faced with this confusion. And it definitely puts an interesting twist on the ongoing debate on whether standing for the National Anthem should be made compulsory or it should remain a matter of personal choice.Dangal has a particular scene in which national anthem is played. It is so crucial and patriotism filled that viewers are bound to be confused.

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