Signs of protein deficiency. 

   Human body need to consume adequate amount of proteins, which is 0.8-1.0 gm/kg per day but, unfortunately, 9 out of 10 Indians are found to consume inadequate amount of protein.Proteins are responsible for a variety of functions including healing, immunity, metabolism, growth, and circulation within the body. Lack of knowledge about the importance of proteins also contributes to the protein deficiency in Indians.Protein deficiency can lead to major concerns. Therefore, it is important to sense the challenges in time.
Experiencing muscle fatigue after exercising or physical activity is likely to have protein deficiency. Protein deficiency may be associated with cognitive decline. According to researchers, a high protein diet can improve cognition function in healthy men.
If you often crave for sweets or reach out for snacks, the possibility is high that you may be protein deficient. Improper protein intake may cause a disproportionate number of growing hairs to go into the resting phase which means you may find yourself experiencing more hair fall than usual.
Consuming protein-rich foods including nuts, lentils, soy and low fat dairy proteins can help you meet your daily recommendation of proteins. One can also consider supplementation if you are not able to meet the same through regular diets.

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