When a kidney donor herself became the recipient.

Rarest of rare patients undergo an auto renal transplant which involves removing a kidney from its original place, repairing it, and transplanting it in another location in the patient's body.A severely ill kidney-failure patient on dialysis Seema Shukla was one.In simple terms, she donated kidney to herself.The Bhopal resident landed in Mumbai five months back to look for a likely organ donor as she was at that time a severely ill kidney-failure patient on dialysis. After the check-up, the doctors found that her left kidney was not completely useless.Woman had aortic aneurysm.She was told she had to either undergo lifelong dialysis or a transplant, but when we ran tests here we found her left kidney wasn't completely useless. She actually had aortic aneurysm involving the left renal artery," said the nephrologist and transplant physician at Jaslok Hospital Dr Madan Bahadur. Dr Bahadur treated Seema since she landed in Mumbai in June. The patient hadn't passed a drop of urine for the last two months but kidney biopsy showed that it was still viable. In fact, it was a blocked vessel that prevented blood from flowing into the left kidney.The kidney was removed from its usual spot, placed in the pelvic region and reattached.