Things to be kept in mind before taking car insurance.

Cars are no longer considered a luxury.In our hectic day to day life they have become a necessity.If you have a car, you will need a compulsory car insurance. There are various ways to save money on car insurance and get the best deal for you.Here are things to be kept in mind before taking a car insurance. 
1. Compare different insurance costs when you are doing your research.
2. Visit as many insurers possible, as the prices differ.
3. Different companies over different and varying quotes.
4. You can save a lot on car insurance by opting for the highest deductible possible.
5. Compare the rates of all the insurance companies.
6. Find each and everything about the insurance company and the reputation beforehand.
7. Don't fall for old tricks and get trapped.
8. Pay attention on the discount packages available.
9. There are periodical, seasonal or holiday discount options.
10. Choose the one that's best for your pocket.
11. Never drive without insurance. Driving without insurance is illegal and can earn you a fine.
12. Make sure you review the car insurance policy at every renewal.
13. Keep the insurance up-to-date. A lot of variables can affect the insurance rates if the situation changes.
14. Do not lie to the insurance agent. They check if your car has met an accident or not. This may vary the rate when you are paying the insurance premium.


Mar 162019
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