Some strange things about Pakistan.

Pakistan known for causing trouble across the world has some laws in that are so strange that if Indians go there they would end up being restricted to enter Pakistan forever.These are some weird laws of Pakistan which will make you feel lucky to be born in India.

Tax on education

Tax on education is again out of ordinary, a state which is far backward in education Imposes tax. According to law if a person spends more than 2 Lakhs yearly on education then he/she has to pay 5% tax to the state for receiving expensive books. It’s somewhere it too it keeps the schools and students grounded.

Thinking of Live-in Then live-in jail

In the times when live in relationships are increasing in India, Pakistan for sure doesn’t believe in such concepts, if someone is caught in a live in relation then be prepared to live in jail. According to constitution of Pakistan it is illegal to live with your girlfriend before marriage. Poor youngsters, now we know why Pakistanis marry early. Illiterate.

P.M accepted but not PEON

If illiterate cobbler wants to contest elections for P.M in India then surely impossible but Pakistan is very liberal towards their P.M. In Pakistan candidates who are illiterate can also contest elections for president and prime minister’s post. Strangely if someone wants to apply for the post of a peon then he/she must be a graduate. Now we know where Pakistan is going and why Pakistani politicians talk nonsense.

Pakistan doesn’t know Israel

If someone is in Pakistan and wants to fly Israel then it’s impossible because Pakistan won’t provide visa for that. According to Pakistani rule book no country named Israel exists on the map. There is no embassy from that nation in Pakistan. If some die heart Israel lover in Pakistan wants to visit Pakistan then he/she sure has to go to other nation for the visa application.

Jokes on P.M are illegal

If Indians think that they feel restricted because of temporary ban on few sites then poor Pakistanis are in worse situations because they cannot crack jokes on their prime minister. What nonsense is this; Indians get their daily dose of laughter because of Mr Modi. If any Pakistani is caught trying this then huger fine is imposed and even he /she can be jailed.


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