Benefits of ice cold water. 

It is always a tremendous feeling to drink ice cold water especially after a bout of exhaustion.Most people prefer ice-cold water over water that is room temperature.  Drinking ice water before, during, or after meals may help aid in digestion, but Cold water burns calories.

Cold water makes your skin glow
Hot water strips your skin of essential oils, but cold water does the opposite. It makes your skin glow by encouraging blood to rush to the skin’s surface.

Cold water burns calories.
If you jump into a cold shower, your body instantly works to get it back up to normal temperature. As it does this, your metabolism can increase to its resting level, burning calories in the process. this claim isn't necessary backed by research.

Cold water boosts your immune system.
People who shower in cold water develop fewer colds than those who bathe in hot showers. This is because the mild stress makes your immune system think it should be doing something and gives it a kind of mini workout.

Cold water eases pain.
Adrenaline not only makes you feel more alive, it makes you feel more pain-free by cleverly distracting our brain from niggling aches.


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