The countries with biggest number of workaholics.

According to a new report the biggest workaholics and the most vacation-deprived employees in the world include Canada,South Korea,the USA and Mexico While South Koreans are entitled to 15 days of holidays a year, the average taken is eight — the least among the 28 countries surveyed. Though Americans received 15 vacation days in the past year, the average taken was 12.That translates to 375 million paid vacations lost in 2016.The biggest reasons for not using up all their vacations is due to the worry that taking their full allotment of holidays will be perceived negatively by their employer, while 14 percent of Americans reported feeling high levels of guilt. For vacation-deprived Americans, more holidays was the second most popular work incentive, following flexible work hours and the ability to work from home.

Here are the most workaholic countries of 2016 and the corresponding number of vacation days taken over the last year:

1. South Korea: 8 days

2. USA, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia: 12

3. Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong: 14

Here are the countries that enjoy the most holidays:

1. France, Brazil, Finland, Spain, United Arab Emirates: 30 days

2. Germany: 28

3 Italy, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK: 25


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