Father forgets toddler in car, convicted for murder.

A Georgian citizen man was convicted of malice and felony murder on Monday by a jury after a month of gruelling testimony over whether he left his son to perish on purpose or made a fatal mistake. after the toddler son died in a hot car.Justin Ross Harris, 35,exhibited little emotion as the verdict was read.He had been on trial since Oct. 3 in the death of his son, Cooper. The 22-month-old boy died after being left for hours in the back of Harris' SUV on June 18, 2014.Surprisingly Harris said he forgot to drop his son off at day care that morning and drove straight to his job as a web developer for Home Depot forgetting that Cooper was still in his car seat.Investigators found evidence that Harris was having sexual relationships with numerous women, including a prostitute and a teenager. Prosecutors charged Harris with malice murder, saying he intentionally killed his son in order to escape the responsibilities of family life.Parking lot surveillance video showed Harris also went to his car after lunch and tossed in some light bulbs he had purchased, though he never got inside.


Mar 162019
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Dec 52019
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