Demonetisation trolls flood social media.

It seems that social media has only one topic trending days after the Centre announced the demonetisation of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes on Tuesday night. The most entertaining were posts and trolls by people who owed allegiance to neither the pro or anti camp but tried to find the funny side of a new dawn without the ‘big’ notes. One such troll made a mock request to Prime Minister Modi on behalf of Indian expats not to declare Indian passports invalid for traveling to India one fine midnight. Another post featured a dialogue from the blockbuster movie Aaram Thampuran delivered by Mohanlal that there would come a time when bundles of notes would not even have the value of paper. An aggrieved troller felt the government was beating up the entire population for the crime committed by a few by withdrawing currency notes all of a sudden. One post with dollops of sarcasm wondered whether the GPS in currency notes could be leveraged for Wi-Fi connectivity. Another troll wanted to know whether those currency notes would have 13 mega pixel camera and such other features of a smart phone.The most repeated question today is whether cards are accepted at Bevco outlets,” said another troll.


Mar 162019
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