Air pollution likely to affect tourism in Delhi hugely.

Pollution it seems has started to take a huge toll in the national capital New Delhi.The thick smog with drastic air quality in the capital city of India post Diwali has been making headlines globally for days now. Tourists are usually keen about such developments,and this news has naturally affected future travel plans of foreigners to Delhi. Few inbound tour operators have witnessed loss in business and they also feel that foreigners are skipping Delhi and picking alternate nearby destinations.Beginning October and November, it is the peak period for foreign travellers to visit India, majority of them opting for the Golden Triangle tourist circuit. With such negative news doing the rounds, foreigners who were still in the planning stage or thinking of last minute travel plans to India, have developed second thoughts about visiting Delhi.


Mar 162019
"Indian clients want good designs at a good price, especially in the luxury market.


Mar 132019
Bobby McFerrin, an American Vocalist and composer famous for his extraordinary ability to imitate not only the sound of single instruments but also entire ensembles using only his voice.