Bolly Yoga becomes the new trend in Canada

Yoga is gaining increasing popularity across the globe for its physical,mental and spiritual benefits.Yoga is practised in different forms and methods and one that is gaining popularity is a unique one.A group of yoga enthusiasts in downtown Toronto has married the tradition of Yoga to the backbeat of tracks like Kolaveri Di and Jai Ho.If Yoga and Bollywood are the two most successful cultural exports from India, Indo-Canadian Ashima Suri has harmonised them into a form that she calls “Bolly Yoga” and this particular form is getting increasing popularity. Suri described this still-evolving form of yoga as “an interactive workshop that combines Indian dance and yoga therapy. Bolly Yoga is all about connection and community. In this dance yoga form, we create a safe and healing space where participants can tune in and let go of what is no longer needed.”Bolly Yoga has many takers in Toronto and is getting popular by the day.

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Dec 222017
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