A bull whose sperm costs Rs. 400 per milliliter

Yuvraj is a mammoth bull which weighs no less than a staggering1500 kilos.The owner of this bull, Karanbeer Singh, takes very good care to feed the bull and maintain its fitness. Interestingly he sells a milliliter of this bull's sperm for an incredible Rs 400. Karambeer said that only by selling its sperm through out the year he has become a crorepati. According to Karambeer Yuvraj's beauty floored even Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Yuvaraj's meal is as huge as its size and that it eats 15 kilos apples a day, consumes 20 liters milk and 5 kilos carrot, 6 kilos jaggery and snack on cashew and other dry fruits.


Mar 162019
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