I want to die as a star says Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan is a name that film lovers across the globe will recognize.He is the quintessential celebrity and star who is peerless in more ways than a mortal can imagine. In an interview to a leading daily recently SRK opened up about his views on his concept of stardom.He says that stardom has hit him in the most positive way.According to King Khan stardom has caressed him. "I say it to everyone who tells me, ‘Aapki privacy nahi hai. Aapko acha nahi lagta kabhi ki beach mein jaake pav bhaji khao ya kahi ghumne nikal jao?’ Nahi! I don’t want to be normal at all. I want a crowd outside my house waving out to me with sheer love. I love it more than having pav bhaji in public. I have no qualms being a superstar. I have been fortunate enough to live like a star for the last 25 years. I would like to die as a star, too. Main bahut clear hoon is maamle mein. Mujhe aur kuch nahi banna."


Mar 162019
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