Sunny leone and Taapsee campaign for breast cancer awareness

"Pay more attention to your breasts than men do". That's what these celebrities have to say to women everywhere. Actresses Sunny Leone and Taapsee Pannu star promote their breast cancer awareness videos, which says breast cancer cases would reduce to half if only women paid as much attention to their breasts as men do."Don't be embarrassed, don't be shy. A two-minute test at home can save your life," Leone explains at the end of her short film. "Sixty percent of breast cancer cases in India are diagnosed at stage three and four. Self-examination at home means early detection. It takes two minutes," she says.
The Sunny and Taapsee videos have men of various social backgrounds ogling women's breasts even as they have an ordinary conversation with them.The other celebrities who are a part of the campaign are Kritika Kamra, Sargun Mehta, Disha Parmar and Poonam Pandey among others.


Mar 162019
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Jun 252019
Veyil Marangal (Trees Under the Sun), directed by Bijukumar Damodaran, won the award for ‘Outstanding Artistic Achievement’ at the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, becoming the first Indi