Which character are you in Anandham? The new age college life

Those who experienced their college times will tell you they are unforgettable. Anandham is just a trip back to those days when you were confused about your love, friendship, and future. Anandham reminds you about the feeling when we are scared to talk to the prettiest girl sitting next to us on the bus. The simplest moments we share with our friends that make us smile and cry at the same time. The funny one , the brainy one , the cool one, the responsible one, the artistic one and the lovable couple. Our circle of friends is surrounded by lovable idiots, who teach us more about life and love. Anandham is just that type of movie that gives you a nostalgic feeling about your past college life journeys. Written by Ganesh raj and Directed by Ganesh raj and Produced by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Anandham is a movie for the young at heart.

Vishak Nair as Kuppi ( The funny one)
Annu Antony as Devika ( the emo one)
Thomas Matthew as Akshay Rajj ( the innocent one)
Arun Kurian as Varunn ( The responsible one)
Siddhi Mahajankatti as Diaa ( The pretty one)
Roshan Mathew as Gautham ( The musical one)
Anarkali Marikar as Darshana Menon ( The artistic one)

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