No need to link bank account with PAN or Adhar for NRIs

Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) has notified that there is no need to link bank accounts of Non-resident-Indians NRIs, Person of Indian Origin PIOs and Overseas Citizens of India OCIs with Permanent Account Number PAN or Adhar, henceforth.

UIDAI has advised various agencies involved in implementing this work to find out a mechanism to verify the status of those individuals.

Under the prevention of Money Laundering Rules 2017 and the income tax, it has specified those persons who are eligible to enroll for Adhar.

Adhar has an identity document which can only be sought from people who are eligible under Adhar act, most of the NRIs, PIOs, OCIs may not be eligible for the enrollment in Adhar, as the letter dated 15th November 2017 issued by UIDAI.

There has been a complaint by NRIs, PIOs, OCIs that they are facing problems where Adhar was demanded various services/transactions they seek and find difficulty in completion of the service.

Therefore it has made it clear that NRIs, PIOs, OCIs are not eligible for 12 digits bio-metric identifier.

Agencies who have been involved in have been directed to devise a mechanism to find out the genuineness of those who face such problems as NRIs, PIOs, OCIs.


Dec 182018
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Feb 222019
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