No driving test to renew license, Government announces one month waiver...

No Driving Test to renew an expired driving license. The discount is on until March 31. At the request of the state government, the centre announced a concession. Those who apply for renewal before the expiry of five years after the expiry of the term will be excluded from the road test. 

The rules for renewal of licenses have been tightened since October following a central amendment. Fines can be renewed only if the application is made within one year after the expiry of the license. Road tests should be conducted after one year. The conditions were that after five years the Learners, Eight or H and Road Test would have to pass again. Minister Sasheendran writes to Union Minister Nitin Gadkari that it would be difficult to implement the proposal quickly. 

This was followed by a concession to March. Payment of application fees and fines if renewed within five years from the expiry of the license. The Transport Secretary instructed the Transport Commissioner to make provisions in this regard.

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Sep 272020
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