New steps, to the growth of Agriculture Sector..

Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has released Rs. 36.58 crore and Rs. 148.60 crore under Sub- Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) for promotion of agricultural mechanization activities and under  a new Central Sector Scheme on ‘Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization for In-Situ Management of Crop Residue in the States of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and NCT of Delhi’ for in-situ management of crop residue activities during 2018-19 to Government of Uttar Pradesh respectively.

At the same time, the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have taken steps for stray cattle. In the State of Madhya Pradesh, "Madhya Pradesh Gopalan Evam Pashudhan Samvardhan Board" is functional in the Department of Animal Husbandry under which 604 Gaushalas are being operated by different NGO’s in different districts in the State. Approximately 1.50 Lac cattle (mainly stray cattle) are kept in these Gaushalas. Board is providing financial support in respect of rearing and fodder for these cattle.

The State of Rajasthan has already announced a provision of Rs. 50 lakh for each district for shelters/home for male stray cattle. Uttar Pradesh has taken steps to take care of stray cattle in Gaushalas and Gosadan.

Haryana State has reported that 450 Gaushalas/Nandishalas/Shelter homes keeping 341906 number of animals is under implementation. Besides, has two Gau Abhyaranyas under construction, one in District of Panipat and other in District of Hisar.

The government has allocated Rs. 2600 crore for the year 2018-19 under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY)- Har  Khet Ko Pani (HKKP) component. This budget is meant for, Debt service on the loan availed from  National Bank for Agriculture and Rural, Development (NABARD) under Long-term Irrigation Fund (LTIF) to fund prioritized, projects under PMKSY- Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP). Financial assistance to States/UTs under the scheme Surface Minor Irrigation and Repair, Renovation & Restoration (RRR).

 During the year 2016-17, ninety-nine on-going Major/Medium irrigation projects under PMKSY-Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP), having ultimate irrigation potential of 76.03 lakh ha.  have been prioritized in consultation with States, for completion in phases up to December 2019  with balance estimated cost of Rs. 77595 crore along with their Command Area Development & Water Management (CADWM) works.


Dec 182018
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Nov 272018
ദേശീയ / സംസ്ഥാന അവാര്‍ഡുകള്‍ക്ക് പരിഗണിക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള വിവിധ വിഭാഗം സിനിമകള്‍ (ഫീച്ചര്‍, ഷോര്‍ട്ട് ഫിലിം, ഡോക്യുമെന്ററികള്‍, കുട്ടികളുടെ ചലചിത്രങ്ങള്‍ മുതലായവ) ഫിലിം സര്‍ട്ടിഫിക്കേഷനും  സ്‌ക്രീനിംഗി