New online security system by Keltron...

As soon as the burglary is reported in the houses and institutions, the police will soon be informed. The state police, in cooperation with Keltron, is developing an online security system, the Center Intrusion Monitoring System. The system is comprised of sensors that detect movement and tremors and a control unit that controls them.

Anyone who breaks the door, shutters or walls and enters the building will receive a message within seven seconds of the police control room. This is accompanied by footage of surveillance cameras. Officers in the control room of the police headquarters can check the footage. Information can be sent to the nearest police station or patrol team. GPS location of the location. Enter information along with the map. Existing surveillance cameras can be attached to this.

Thiruvananthapuram city police commissioner Balramkumar Upadhyay told a press conference that is the first time such a security system is being prepared in the country. Online security systems have been set up in two houses at Kazhakuttam and Kottayam. Keltron marketing chief A. Gopakumar said the company will provide timely systems to public companies. 

A server capable of connecting 10 million surveillance camera systems. Keltron will be provided with cameras, sensors and a control unit. You can also set yourself up if needed. The performance of the devices will be checked online every three seconds. Once the online connection with the server is disconnected, the message will be sent to the consumer. The number of sensors and cameras can vary according to the needs of each organization. 80,000 is the maximum cost. Keltron's fees range from Rs 500 to Rs 2,750 per month.


Sep 52020
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Sep 132020
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