New equipment to sterilize electronic instruments and currency notes...

The Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Premier Lab of Hyderabad and Research Center Imarat (RCI) has developed a contactless sanitization cabinet for cleaning mobile phones, iPads, laptops, currency notes and papers. It is called Defense Research Ultraviolet Sanitizer (DruvS).

Defense Research Ultraviolet Sanitizer will work automatically. It comes with proximity sensor switches and a drawer system that can be opened and closed. It is immune to UV rays being subjected to substances at 360 degrees. Once sterilized, the machine automatically switches to sleep mode. One does not have to stand in order to operate the device.

In addition, RCI has developed a special tool for sterilizing currency notes. It is known as 'Notes Clean'. It is possible to disinfect a bundle of currency notes in the Druv's cabinet, but it is difficult to disinfect the notes one by one. Notes Clean is a tool that overcomes this problem.

Its functionality is similar to that of a counting machine. The Notes Clean tool allows you to take notes one by one and put them in Ultraviolet light to disinfect the currency by sliding the currency into the input slot.


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Jun 42020
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