A new cinematic twist in story of actor Bala's assault case

There was a news doing rounds couple of days ago, saying actor bala has been allegedly assaulted by a man over a dispute on parking space at Lotus apartment where he's residing at. According to the witnesses an argument broke out between Mr.Rajeev, a school traveller driver and a fellow resident of Bala and the security. Bala happened to see this and tried to solve the issue but got assaulted by Rajeev. He was taken immediately to a private hospital as his face was injured badly. The issue was compromised by Bala himself to prevent media manipulation.

When contacted Bala denied all the rumors and said its true that he saw an argument but never bothered to check what it was all about as he didn't want to interfere in their personal issues, somehow people noticed him there and started spreading false news.He added that media should check the authenticity before filling up a column, nobody even contacted him to hear his version of the story. The media who gave out the news first apologized him for not cross checking with him. Bala is currently shooting for his new movie "Kalam parranja kadha" in Palaghat.

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