Neelakurinji sanctuary - issue remains murky


Pinarayi Vijayan’s cabinet team of three ministers E.Chandrashekaran, Revenue, K.Raju, Forest, and M.M.Mani, Electricity visited Neelakurinji Reserve near Munnar in Idukki district, have made a collective and a categorical statement that the settlers who possess legal documents to prove their claim on the land i9n the Neelakuranji reserve will not be evicted.

The issue became a fear-psyco to those settlers around the reserve that they will be evicted after the scientific study and redraw the boundaries of the sanctuary. It became furthermore complicated when the Additional Chief Secretary P.H.Kurien stated that the sanctuary may shrink by 1200 hectare when Neelakurinji sanctuary is proposed in 3200-hectare land in Munar.

The ministerial delegation to find out the facts on the made as to 300 hectares of land with blooming Neelakurinji reserve got burnt by fire.was it a natural or a man made was a question.By analyzing the events around, the doubts arise on the land-grabbing mafia. Local MLA, MP others find their names who would form the land grab of those burnt areas.

The team would visit the entire zone and redraw the boundaries of the reserve.

A blue flower Neelakurinji flowering once in 12 years, a rare phenomenon, looks like a sky on the earth, people come from all parts of the country to see this rare visual.This has to be protected by all means from the eyes of land grabs.

The Kerala government looking into it seriously, realizing the importance of protecting this sanctuary, must not leave any stone unturned to save this rarest of the rare.


Mar 162019
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