Mysore Pak!! Easy way to prepare at home...

For those who love sweets here is the preparation of Ghee Mysore Pak. Mysore Pak can be prepared easily at home with just three ingredients.


  • Gram Flour - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 2 cups
  • Ghee Melt - 1 ½ cup


Take a cup of gram flour in a bowl and add a little cup of ghee to it. Take out enough ghee to mix the flour and set aside the remaining ghee. After that, burn the stove, heat the tawa and add two cups of sugar to the pan.

Stir until the sugar dissolves. When the sugar solution is boiling, pour the gflour mixture into it and mix well. It will take some time for it to come together and mix well. Mix well and drain well. Pour some of the remaining ghee into the batter and stir it. When it separates from the pan the mix is ready. Then turn off the fire and place the buttercream in a plate and pour this mixture over it. Let it cool for two hours and then refrigerate.

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