My way to crack N E E T - Jes Maria Bombay,


It is not just dreaming but conviction and hard work brought me 56th rank after 3 years work-out. She scored 664-of 720 in the recent N E E T Exams, on her terms.

(1)  One time writing is equal to five-time reading, so I  wrote and continue to write as a part of my study. Her strategy was to answer questions which bring fresh doubts, answering them would register in my mind. 

(2)  Mock Test:- Self-designed Mock Test with all the ambiance of an examination with fining, one train self to time the answers, enabling sufficient time for all the questions within the allotted time.

  (3)  Biology first:-  Biology first to me to manage time. Each individual  should take up the tough  topic first , 

(4)   Hostel life:-  Hostel life, living with students studying encourages self to carry forward leaving, compared to study time at home.

(5) Energise and Return:- Fatigue is a by-product of overwork, Energise reliving the fatigue, home sweet home is the best, I  use to sleep and sleep to relive my fatigue once in two months.  Everyone has his or her own plus and minus point-based on their knowledge of it, one should conceive the study programme.


Mar 162019
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