Mukesh Ambani-tops Indian billionaires list

No more a poor country, India in producing billionaires, Mukesh Ambani leads Indian's list of ultra-rich, worth 40 billion US Dollars. 19 billionaires added to the list making it to 121 this year. Forbes prepared the latest, the list is published every year.

2018-list names Mukesh Ambani as the richest Indian, having assets worth 40.1 billion US Dollars. He is richer this year by 16.9 billion US Dollard. Interestingly, he holds 19th position in the global list of 2,208 billionaires, he held the 33rd position in 2017 worth assets of 23.2 billion. The US tops the list of billionaires with 585, China having 373, India's 121 is fast catching up every year.

Surprisingly, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon is the richest person in the world with 112 billion US dollars, Micro soft's Bill Gate has been no.2  worth 90 billion US Dollars. Bill Gates was No.1 in 2017 worth 86 billion US dollar,  Buffet was No.2 worth 75.6 billion US dollars, Jeff Bezos stood No.3 worth 72.8 billion US Dollars.


Mar 162019
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