Modern facilities to cook food and serve it at in Annadana Mandapam

The Annadanam is served at Sabarimala by ensuring cleanliness and taste. There is a crew of 240 to serve and clean the Annadanamandapam. They are served in four turns. There are about 50 people for cooking alone. Rice here is baked using steam. 25 kg of rice will be baked here in the facility in 25 minutes. It takes about 50 minutes to bake 25 kg of rice. Food is served from the kitchen on the ground floor of the Annadana Mandapam by using the lift. On busy days, 900 kg of rice is served. Uppumavu of 400 kg is needed these days to serve the breakfast. The vigilance police help in carrying the rice and paraphernalia from the storeroom to the kitchen for a day. They are also giving away free coupons to those who come to visit.
The modern facility has been set up for devotees to wash the dishes after the meal and the modern facility has been used to take the remaining food to the biogas plant. After removing the rest of the food, the cleaners wash the dishes twice. The plates also washed for another time with hot water before the food is served again in it. The Devaswom Board, headed by the Special Officer Narayanan Namboodiri and Vishnu Namboothiri. Sujathan is responsible for the functioning of the Annadana Mandapam.  


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Jun 42020
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