MIZONE provides technical assistance to enterprises...

The Malabar Innovation Entrepreneurship Zone in Kannur is going to provide a helping hand to those who are doing  traditional business and returning from the Gulf to start their own business.  While most enterprises have technology platforms and other tools available for digital transformation in any enterprise, lack of knowledge in using new technology, inability to pay constant attention, inadequate back-office, most traditional businesses Causing the sector to fail.

MIZONE, which operates under the Kerala Start-Up Mission, provides services to provide services to traditional industries, commercial enterprises and agriculture in all its areas, including advice, resources has been made. It is based in Kannur, the second largest startup center in Kerala with over 70 technology companies. Those who want to start a new business will have to spend huge amounts of money on building, infrastructure, furniture and interior work.

Managing Director Subhash Babu said that MIZONE is working to provide all the amenities by avoiding such fixed investments completely. They provides entrepreneurs with free workshops and advice on bank loans, government schemes, marketing and finance. Their Advisory Board comprising of world-renowned technocrats and business economists, and an angel investment platform called Malabar Angels.

In addition, e-commerce, online business platform for the sector through the startup of the Acts of the institutions, there is no need for all the software and back-office activities are undertaken, institution saggio here to execute a subscription to a digital office, on the condition is also working.

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Jun 42020
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